FOR SALE 30 South Main Street  2,200 square feet It has 100's of plug ins and. 200 amp electric service front and back entrances with a large upstairs apartment. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN

Only $149,000 Steve @ Bartco Rentals rent or Rent to Own. Contract for deed possible for a QUALIFIED BUYER.

Or Rent it for only $1600 per month. over 2200 sq feet plus a basement and loft office.

 Located in Beautiful and Thriving Downtown Hutchinson, Enjoy HIGH VISIBILITY on Main Street State Highway 15. Both Buildings have Front and Back Doors with On street or Parking in Hutchinson's many Lots.



For more info click on the addresses!  Please call 320.583.9561  for an appointment to see these. You'll love them! 






***24 South Main Street Suite 100****

***24 South Main Street Suite 100****




FOR RENT 24  South Main Street  1,100 square feet. $1100.00 Month. Minimum 2 year lease, It has 100 amp electric service *You pay electric we pay water, heat garbage, sewer. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN




Front Entrance from Main Street (To the left and top) a 36 inch door for easy access. High efficiency E Windows.


Insulated door with flat entry from the sidewalk.



In the heart of Hutchinson. You can look out your front windows and see all the events as they happen in the park, Of course everyone taking part will notice your business! 


This was last used as a massage parlor. There are four rooms/private areas. You can use this floor plan as it is or simply remodel it the way you want.


The first office/booth is 9 1/2 feet by 10 feet. With a view of Main Street.

Second view From the door way looking in. (To the right)


Third View Looking outwards (Left side)


Second Office Booth Looking inward it is 12 x 14 Feet


Second Office Booth Looking outwards it is 12 x 10 Feet


Third Office Booth Looking in. It is 12 x 9 1/2 Feet


Third Office Booth Looking out.


Fourth / Office Booth Looking in. 9 1/2 x 10 Feet




***24 South Main Street Suite 100****

***24 South Main Street Suite 100****


FOR SALE **30 South Main Street ***

FOR SALE **30 South Main Street ***





The retail area as seen from the front door. To the far right is the basement. Note two openings ground level to the right is are rooms that runs the entire 95 feet to the rear. There is a loft office on the top level


This is area is can is divided into two by a removable studded wall. The wall around the door way is a support wall.


The view towards Main street. Basement is to  the left. It is fieldstone, Front Entrance from Main Street  a 36 inch door for easy access. High efficiency E Windows.


Steps leading to the loft office.


There are two office areas.




From the office steps looking back to the rear door. 40 feet. The walls are removable on both sides of this hallway.


 This room is about 8 x 30 feet. The furnace with central air is in the room ahead. This room also has removable walls.


 The window views the alley. This building has 200 amp service with up-dates as needed.


Rear entrance. Features include re-enforced concrete slab with rebar. 36 inch door. Off street customer parking. On the second floor, there is a large suite complete with its own private deck and laundry machines.




***26 South Main Street the Suite****

***26 South Main Street the Suite****



The top floor features its very own PRIVATE DECK. Making it a great place to live for you or your tenant!

This apartment is 22 x 40 feet. The present tenant pays 60% off the gas bill and $1100 in rent.





The kitchen floor is new.




The laundry room. With a gas dryer.





This is a one bedroom suite.


The bathroom has a new vinyl floor




Your Bathroom features a large vanity, tub and shower. Easy to clean ceramic tile. 10 x 5 ft





The Living room is huge and is combined with the dining room




The dining room complete with track lighting and Z Brick. This Apartment is ready to make you money and pay for the building when you buy it.