We welcome everyone of all diversity and ethnic background as a possible renter. We discriminate against bad behavior. 



For your convenience we have provided our application forms in PDF format.  See link below

Please print out a set of the forms that you can access.

The TWO applications include a release you must sign and a cover page "How to speed the Processing of your application." Read the instructions and follow the steps below carefully


* All Rental Application Files in PDF Format Zipped



Before you move in you are required to under go a criminal and credit background check. Your credit score should be at least 650. If you have bad credit, a guarantor will be required.  Your guarantor will have to have good credit too. Around 725. You will be required to sign a release when you apply. We call to confirm income/employment and your rental history. Those with criminal backgrounds will be considered depending on the severity of their records. Typically you must have gone at least five years without a serious felony.  Sorry no sex offenders, drug use, or violent crimes on your record. If you have been dishonest on your application or have committed any crimes since moving in we reserve the right to terminate your lease.

Background checks are $50 per adult at the potential renters cost. To apply for your apartment, you must have at least 50% of one months toward your damage-security  deposit.

Once you are approved you must pay one months rent and your deposit equal one months rent.(*Unless we require a larger deposit per Minnesota's "Adverse action law." ) Before you move in.

Once you are approved, you have a lease as per the performance/security deposit agreement you have signed.

If we decline to rent to you, your deposit will be returned not your application fee.

We require a 6, 9, or 12 month lease. **Cats will be accepted after the required a $240 non-refundable fee and $45 per month extra per cat. Maximum 2 cats. Sorry No Dogs

Before you move in, we have cleaned and repaired your apartment. We take a great deal of pride in keeping a well maintained complex.

THANK YOU for your interest!

What can we do to help you into your new home?

  How to apply for one of our apartments

1. We do prefer to show you any unit we have available in person by appointment to assure that you like it. If you are comfortable with our descriptions of the unit on this website you may apply by printing a set of the forms in your preferred format below. Your NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will then hold the apartment for you. If we decline to rent to you, it is returned less your application fee(s).

2.To start the application process you will need to send $50 per adult that will be living on our property. You must also enclose 50%  minimum of the deposit.  We require a copy of each persons drivers license or I.D.  We will accept checks from Minnesota Without sufficient funds we not even consider processing your application. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME!

 We perform complete criminal and credit background checks. WE DO NOT ACCEPT  drug or sex offenders. You must have no felonies on record for the last 5 years. Other criminal background issues will be under the scrutiny of our research firm, and appropriate law enforcement personal as needed.

Credit / income requirements To qualify for our units you must have a credit score of at least 650 and be able to provide proof of income of at least 2 and a half times your rent. If you have a low credit score you may have a Guarantor sign your lease. The guarantor must under go the same background checks, have good credit  (725) and understand that in the event you can not or do not hold up your obligations that they are responsible to guarantee that the lease and all covenants are honored. In some instances of low credit scores but with good landlord references we may accept a bigger security deposit. *Per Minnesota's adverse action Law.

3 Filling out the forms. Your must fill all forms out completely and legibly. Omission of any information may be considered as grounds to deny renting to you. It is best to be thorough on previous addresses as they show during our background check. Sometimes people with similar names may cross onto your background check if it is badly filled out. We require a copy of each persons drivers license or I.D.

4. You may mail it via U.S. mail to Bartco Rentals LLC 24 Main Street South Suite 101 Hutchinson, MN 55350 or you may call 320.583.9561 to assure that a representative is on hand to process your application. REMEMBER to include your deposit. money order, cashiers check (no counter checks) also page 1 & 2 of your application signed as needed. The release form signed as needed and a copy of your drivers license or state I.D.

 Without sufficient funds we not even consider processing your application. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME!

5. Out of state applications. If you like what you see on this website you may apply one of two ways. We do not do e-mail. You may mail the documents priority mail. Your I.D. will be required and we will send you a sales copy to sign. The original forms will need to be sent via U.S. Postal Serveice Priority Mail. We CAN NOT ACCEPT FED X OR UPS at this address. You may also choose to send a money order and all related forms that way too SORRY NO PERSONAL OUT OF STATE CHECKS

Status of your deposit. If we decline to rent to you we keep all applicable background application fees. It takes 2-7 days to run a background check. If we accept you to rent from us, you do not get it back, as we have removed that unit from the market and may have lost a potential renter by telling them that it has money down.

Our website promise. We have done the best to be honest and to give a fair representation of our apartments. We have provided approximate measurements of relevant rooms decks and other available amenities. We participate in the crime free initiative and work closely with the city inspectors and fire department to assure your safety in a well maintained building. We reserve the right to correct any typos or not to honor incorrect offers at anytime without liability of legal recourse.

Your and Our expectations. If you choose to rent from us we will gladly provide you with a copy of the Minnesota Attorney Generals "Landlords and Tenants Rights and Responsibilities" handbook. It is a current edition of Minnesota's rental laws and we proudly honor and respect it's guidelines and require our tenants to do the same.  Thank You for considering Bartco Rentals LLC we look forward to knowing you!



*We reserve the right to change any offer posted on this web site that we find to be inaccurate or posted in error. This website is to be considered an invitation to consider our units, not a guarantee that we will rent to you.



* All Rental Application Files in PDF Format Zipped